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Tools is a course (part of Crosslab minor) which will empower the following knowledge domains (all in relation to data in design):

  • data, (what is it, how does it affect us, what can we do with data, what can/do data do with us)
  • technology (why tech, why we tech, what is tech, why tech is very hard and real and not human, why we cannot avoid tech, but also why tech is fun! )
  • programming ( Douglas Rushkoff: Program or Be Programmed

We will use the following teaching tools to get to know these domains:

  • get our hands dirty and do programming, (database, query, API, HTML, Processing)
  • get our minds dirty and do discussion (reading posts and talking about it)
  • get all dirty and do research (searching on the web and assessing found programs, API, algorithm)

Sometimes we will do programming all by ourselves, sometimes we will hack and modify existing programs, sometimes we will search and compare existing programs which use some “difficult” engine but make very interesting dynamics visual or audio results.

In a year you should be able to:

  • do programming ourselves or know where to find the necessary knowledge
  • be able to work together with programmers or technicians so that they will do what you want and – that you are not dictated by technicians about what is possible or not.
  • have enough knowledge to know your way around in the world of Google, Patents, Tabloids, microcontrollers, RFID, internet, social media, search engines, electronics etc.
  • have the knowledge to make the most fantastic data-visualizations
  • repair your own clock and make and upload your own website 🙂

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