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Tools, about homework


After a few questions I’ll explain how the tools – homework is evaluated.

Homework is for yourself!

Unfortunately I cannot look at all the homework every week. In the tools homework on your blog you collect materials you studied during the weeks. This collected material will be the source for your pdf which you will have to hand in when there is an intermediate or final assessment.

When to ask me to look at your homework? When you didn’t manage to get the weekly assignment working, or when your solution is not comparable to my solutions given on the homework blog.

So if you are in trouble following the content please ask me as soon as possible, that is immediately!

Every week we advance in experience during the lessons and you need to advance during studies at home. During the lessons I’ll indicated how to experiment and gradually make more personalized sketches.

So please do the homework and add it to your blog! Only working regularly will lift the uncertainties around this “language”. Gradually the code, and the practice of coding will become more and more clear to you.

ok see you all next week.







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