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Tools homework September 19


During class we discussed the for loop.

We also experimented with the if statement (the bouncing wall)

You can find reference to the if and the for:

We looked at the use of the text function.

This was the resulting sketch:

The challenge for next week is to find out how an image is loaded ( form the examples: basics image loadDisplayImage).

(see also the tutorials to study.)

Study this example carefully. Load another image (using the folder data in the folder of the sketch you find by CMD K)

Now use your knowledge to replace the “ichi” text in the double for loop sketch above by an image, which is then displayed 25 times, or 36 times.

Tutorials to study: (this one might prove difficult!)

The 2D array will be used to load a sequence of images next Monday. This opens the possibility for making animations!

For Robert and Matthijs, you can do this homework trying it in OO language?


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