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tools: let’s APP! 1/2


We saw how wonderful epub is… no design at all!

Now we’ll look at the other extreme: let’s make an app for the Ipad.

In this case we can design what we want and display all our skills, tricks and genius.
But at what price?
Learning to handle the Xcode SDK, learning Object Orientated, 4 layered Objective C (this is a programming language:-)  necessary for apple Devices? And then all the trouble to get the right certificates on the right place, and paying 100 $ a year to apple to be able to display our Apps!

Templates for the first lesson:


But…if you have done these two lessons:

  • you have seen the SDK (it will be different with the next update!)
  • you have made your first App, maybe 2
  • you have (free of charge) downloaded the Xcode SDK, with the simulator and can use it (?)
  • you can tinker with the templates


Download Xcode:

Examples of App’s in Xcode are freely available at the dev site:
(you have to register, which is free)

Mobile Design course blog: (My course with free templates)

Examples for the first lesson:


And when we all switch to ANDROID, life is definitely easier.
But you have to get Eclipse installed (this is free too)
You need an Android device (the simulator is very slow staring at the moment.)
Installing on your own Android device is really easy!
The Android SDK is…about the same levelof programming skills needed…

First lesson
  • We will look at the SDK, 
  • make our first app, 
  • add a picture 
  • add a text (in a scrolling field!!!)
  • change the font of the text (what a miracle compared to epub!!!)
  • try to have it rotated and concluding that the background picture is stretched


  • make (remake) a second App
  • switch to a template I made
  • insert a picture and a text for a landscape and a portrait view

And, in principle you can use the simulator to present in all other assignments 🙂

Documenting the process

It is practically impossible in a blog to explain how to start using the Xcode SDK. so we do that in class, and please make screenshots and try to follow?


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