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Processing Open Data


For coming Monday: we will start playing with Open Data, we will use this Open data zip with JSON files:

We start with two Processing sketches, one from Jan Willem Tulp and another of Beam: and

For both sketches: you have to drag the JSON file into the sketch, or
add it to the data folder. The Beam sketch uses the bomen.json just if
this was a txt file, the Jan WIllem sketch uses the JSON library
One of the differences between the sketches is the time it takes to plot the results, in both cases the locations. The bomen file consists of around 100.000 trees and takes 20 seconds to draw, using the simple txt structure of the json file. If, in the other sketch, one replaces the speeltoestellen by the bomen (taking all the items eliminating the selection of “HOUT”) the sketch is sonly giving a result after 5 minutes. (It may be different times on other computers). This is due tot the conversions and JSONobjects is uses… 
Result of the bomen sketch: superimposed on a map of Rotterdam: (20 seconds)
Result of the Bomen.json into the speeltoestellen sketch: (produced after 5 minutes of calculations): you see the river “Nieuwe Waterweg” crossing Rotterdam


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