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Reformulated assignment Open Data


See also the facebook group:
The aspects of Processing in the assignment for the minor have been changed (reduced):

We ask for the final presentation:
One layer of information coming from the JSON files about Rotterdam, using the examples we tried out, possibly making changes in code concerning properties. (So in principle no very complex operations with JSON files using your own Processing code.)

This layer has to be combined with data from other sources about Rotterdam. Examples of these links are posted just before this announcement. Like sound experience in Rotterdam, pollution, etc. These sites give info/data for instance on postcode and can be explored by hand, without the complication of formats like CSV or JSON.

You will be brainstorming next Monday 21-05 exploring these links together and (re-)developing your story, concept or statement about Rotterdam based on the combination of the JSON data we studied and the new “manual” data you harvested from these examples.

You can make a design using screenshots form Processing and visual output from other tools on the internet (like many-eyes, and alike) combined with your own tricks in InDesign.

For the final we think of a presentation and a pdf with your results.

More details will be given next Monday. So be there on Monday at 9:00 sharp, probably Aldje will join assisting the brainstorm.
For the links about Rotterdam, see the latest Facebook group Posts.
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